Space for Cycling 2014 Campaign

At 4.00pm, 15.04.2014, 11431 messages had been sent London-wide and 13% of candidates are supporting us.

Thank-you Islington Greens!

If you’ve accessed the Space for Cycling website and already sent emails to the people shown in your ward, thank-you very, very much.   All of Islington’s Green candidates have signed up.

We have not been able to supply LCC with many email addresses for people standing for election for the Local Elections in Islington.  [There has been the same trouble with other inner London boroughs – we’re not alone!] So some of the wards will give few if any addresses apart from LCC Islington.  Please bear with us while we try to find out addresses for more candidates in Islington. We will be able to ask LCC to update the website as we go.  This type of campaigning (ward by ward) has not been done before – certainly in the UK, so LCC needs a little time to  correct teething problems. 

On 22nd May, London will be electing its local councillors.

Through the Space for Cycling Campaign, the London Cycling Campaign and all the local groups are going to make sure cycling is top of the agenda for every candidate at the election.

What’s the plan?

As Islington residents, we have worked out what key aspects of our wards could be improved to make it attractive for anyone to cycle. To make it simpler, we’ve got 6 “asks” to choose from.

  1. Protected space on main roads
  2. No through-motor-traffic zones
  3. 20mph speed limits
  4. Safer cycle routes to schools
  5. Liveable high streets
  6. More parkland routes

Now we have an ask for each ward, we will get every candidate to commit to carrying out our demand if elected.

What are the asks?


Provide protected space on York Way

Enable cyclists to cross Essex Road from Canonbury Street to Rotherfield Street

Convert Clerkenwell Road into the Clerkenwell Boulevard

Highbury East
Improve Highbury Park for cyclists

Protected cycling on Hillmarton, Caledonian and Parkhurst Roads

St Mary’s
Improve Canonbury Road for cyclists


Finsbury Park
Help cyclists get to Nag’s Head safely


Highbury West
Segregated cycle provision, road narrowing and lower traffic levels on Drayton Park

Develop a safe route to Mount Carmel School

Junction & St George’s
Develop a safe network of routes between local schools – see Tufnell Park Cycles to School


No through motorised traffic along Collier, Donegal and White Lion Streets

No through motorised traffic on Bath Street

Make King Henry’s Walk free from motor traffic

St Peter’s
Key streets to be filtered

Prevent ‘ratrunning’ between Hornsey Road and Stroud Green Road

For more information see our google.doc

We’ve made a map based on fantastic responses from Islington residents to the Space for Cycling Survey (best seen in “full screen”).  Is something glaringly obvious that should be included? Comment at the bottom of this page.

(special shout out to Alex Ingram and Hammersmith and Fulham crew for helping me with this.

After 12th Feb, we submitted our asks to LCC and now we’re asking cyclists [and friends!] to contact the individual candidates by all means available – email, Facebook, Twitter and even Royal Mail!

3. This is when the fun and games will really begin – we want to make some serious noise in Islington about Space for Cycling, and to do this we need as many people on board as possible to help, whether this is through organising events, contacting candidates, or getting friends and neighbours to support the campaign.

Any ideas are welcome, we’re thinking something on this scale would be good.

Mass cycling demo for Go Dutch

Mass cycling demo for Go Dutch 


More info please…

You can find out more about the London wide campaign on the dedicated #space4cycling website

For a quick summary of key issues identified so far for each ward, read on…

In December, LCC processed a survey of the 40,000 people on their contacts list. The results for Islington are below arranged by ward. They show the numbers of hits (of cycle facilities wanting improvement). Numbers of people voting from outside the borough are shown in brackets. Schemes that rely on action from Transport for London are written in blue. For brevity some sites have been amalgamated. Thanks to all involved for producing the data and to Lydia for her preliminary work. The numbers are indicative only; extracting these results was not an exact science.

Barnsbury 8 [5] Angel Crossroads

Bunhill 7 [12] Old St Roundabout, Bunhill Road 3

Caledonian 1 [1] Pentonville Road

Canonbury 1 Essex Road

Clerkenwell 1 [8] Clerkenwell Road

Finsbury Park 9 [7] Nag’s Head Gyratory

Highbury East 0 [3] Green Lanes

Highbury West 2 Drayton Park

Hillrise 1 Hornsey Rise

Holloway 17[15] Holloway Road *

Junction 13[12] Archway Gyratory, TPC2S 1

Mildmay 0 [10] Balls Pond Road/Dalston Junc

St George’s 4 Camden Road

St Mary’s 10[4] Highbury and Islington Corner, 4[5] Essex Road

St Peter’s 4 [2] New North Road, 1[3] The canal

Tollington 3 Hornsey Road

Kings Cross 6 [8]

* includes junction Camden Road and Tollington Road

TPC2S stands for Tufnell Park Cycles to School

Support Space for Cycling
Map of Islington Ward boundaries at 300 dpi
  • Jono Kenyon

    This is great. A really clear indication of where the council needs to up it’s game and start really planning for future cyclists within the borough. So much for them to work on, and I really think we should keep pushing councillors for a time frame for some spades in the ground.