Bikehangar consultations are out!

Islington has just put up a raft of public consultations about the 18 bikehangars they are planning to install later this summer. We’ve been waiting a LONG time for this, and the day has finally arrived!

While the council put two 6-space units up last year, these new ones are different. The new units are made by Asgard, and have a more angular look. Most importantly, these units are all going to be installed in car parking spaces. Islington has been reluctant to do this for years, so this marks a positive and very welcome change. Islington will join Lambeth, Southwark, Haringey and, of course, Hackney in providing secure, on-street cycle parking for residents.

The consultations are running through 15 July, so you only have a couple of weeks to let Islington know your thoughts on their plans. Here’s a map of the locations with links to the relevant consultation:

Are there any near where you live? Let Islington know you support it by clicking on the location and filling out the SurveyMonkey form for that bikehangar.

We’re almost there! These 108 spaces are just the beginning.

  • John A

    Nick, have we got any photos of the inside of the bike hangars? How strong is the internal structure that accepts the D locks and given that only half the roof lifts up, how easy is it to secure the front wheel, or at least the first wheel in there. As I understand it, we, Cycle Islington, have not yet seen a prototype.

    • Other than the photos on the consultation websites, I don’t believe we have. David Shannon had a leaflet with some photos on it, but I don’t recall if it showed the inside. Certainly a good question to ask about the D locks. It’s important that people are able to lock their frames and not just their front wheels to the internal rack.

    • Mark

      I saw one in Soho near Carnaby Street, thought it was a recycling bin at first! Not sure about the flat roof, people were leaving cups and rubbish on it. Bit flimsy looking IMO…

  • Meg Howarth

    No hangars near our lower Holloway street where enough residents want an on-street one, so no survey question for us to answer.

  • Gavstergav

    Tufnell Park no longer part of islington? Lot of people up near the tube could use this.

  • Dan W

    There are zero near any of the estates at New Orleans walk where there are plenty of people that would use them, including me. All the locations in the north of the borough are basically in the leafy wealthiest areas – further suggesting that cycling is something the middle classes do.. not good. Does anyone know how they chose these locations?

  • Alex W

    I don’t understand why the estates aren’t being catered for – the area’s with the highest density of people with the least space! It’s basic common sense.

  • Roderik Gonggrijp

    Hi Nick,
    I understand there is a cost differential between these bikehangars and the ones that Islington have actually been trialling. Possibly about 1/3rd cheaper? Do you have any detail on this?
    I would really like to know bicyles are secured inside. Can we see a prototype, hear from current users?
    I actually live on Crayford Road where the Cyclehoop bikehangar has been trialled, aside from the fact that it is on the pavement (!), the feedback is very positive, access is easy, bike can be secured well, it is very sturdy (tested by all the neighbourhood kids), the cost to the user is not prohibitive, and it is has an agreeable design that works well for the users and does not look ‘out of place’ in the street.
    I’m just wondering if the bikehangar in this consultation and the one trialled are like for like products? Every other borough (30 in total) seem to use the Cyclehoop ones, what other consideration than just cost is Islington applying? I say this knowing that the councillor and several of the involved officers do not own a bicycle….
    Also, do we know who will be running the customer service for these? The company or the council? The bikehangar the council trialled comes with a service provided by the company, who employ several full-time staff for this. If it is the council itself, how will this be managed?
    With an estimated 30,000 bicycles in Islington, 18 bike hangars are a drop in the ocean, if the service is run by the council, will they every be able to scale up to the next 500 or 1,000 of these?
    And why these locations?
    And finally, is Crayford Road in Tufnell Park going to lose the Cyclehoop bikehangar it has now, or is Islington going to run two schemes at the same time? I don’t see a replacement in the plans.
    Too many questions to make a decision I would say, or if unanswered, only the type of decision that Islington council would make…
    I hope you can provide some detail. Thanks a lot!

    • Roderik Gonggrijp

      Answers a few questions
      The company suggests offering up the space of one car allows for a unit that can hold 9 bicycles. Why is the council planning only to use the space of half a car and accommodate 6 bicyles?

  • Tom Espiner

    This is great to see more hangars rolled out – particularly since I have just had to have my bike repaired- again – due to vandalism a few weeks ago (despite being locked securely to a bike hoop on the street) . I do think it is still a bit sparse in Tufnell Park – the Dalmeny Road is welcome but I would like to recommend more. Ideally in Campdale Road – perhaps opposite the tennis courts, or in the stretch by the shops (where there are more flats) also round the corner in Mercers Road near Mercers Mews. Ideally we will be seeing at least one hangar on every road in the future to encourage more cycling and security.

  • Emily W

    This is great and we really need more of this! Disappointing to see so few in Canonbury/ Essex Road area; there are none within 25 mins walk of me unfortunately! Would love to see them a bit more spaced out in the next round as there seems to be a high concentration in the north of the borough.

  • Eilidh Murray

    Consultation now closed but if there weren’t any hangars planned near you, then please do contact LBI on; if you manage to get six people from the same (small) area to sign up as well, more chance there will be.

  • Paul Convery

    I’m very supportive of on-street secure cycle containers. But I’ve taken a look at the Asgard website and the internal pictures indicate that a
    bike can only be secured inside the storage container by locking to a wheel guide. The Cyclehoop design seems to also have a side bar (a bit like the traditional “Sheffield” D frames). I know the whole container has a lock which is probably pretty rugged but if the container gets open then the bike is quite flimsily secured inside. And I must admit that, although cheaper, the Asgard design is a bit unsightly wheras the Cyclehoop design is more elegant. A trade-off, I guess.

  • MylreaPR

    Good to see them being rolled out. But disappointing none in the Highbury Fields area.We could deliver a major improvement, for example, if the part of Highbury Crescent that currently splits the Fields – and is currently closed for the use of construction work on the bridge at the Corner – remains closed, with bike hangars at both ends. It would be a real boost to cycling in the borough…