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There’s always plenty of new schemes to keep us busy. Often we need to respond to proposals for Islington Council or TfL, but there are also issues which we want to bring to either authority.

Have a read to find out more, and if you’re interested, get in touch; any help you can offer will make a huge difference and it sure is rewarding to see progress happen in front of your eyes.

ICAG calls for 20 MPH limit on all roads

20 MPH speed limit borough wide

Islington Council is currently moving ahead with measures to implement 20 mph zones on residential streets across the borough. At the moment they are consulting local residents on a number of these proposals.

Lower speed limits turn streets into living spaces not sterile stretches of tarmac. They create and re-invigorate communities. They save lives. Lower speed limits smooth traffic low and cut pollution.

ICAG strongly supports moves to reduce speed limits on the borough roads. We are pleased to see that the council are moving forward on making all residential roads 20mph limits and we would like to see this extended to all roads under their control such as Hornsey Road and Blackstock Road. We feel a borough wide 20mph zone would be less confusing to drivers and would therefore be more likely to be self-enforcing (agreed at the July 2009 meeting).

No motorbikes in bus lanes

Since Mayor Boris Johnson proposed his scheme to to allow motorbikes in bus lanes on red routes, ICAG have been campaigning against the proposal. We feel that the scheme is putting the lives of vulnerable road users at risk for limited benefits. We would prefer to see measures that genuinely address road safety such as a greater user of 20mph (and slower) speed limits, and road traffic policing being made a greater priority.

Throughout the summer and autumn we collected a local petition of 300 signatures opposing the scheme. We have also worked with local councillors to introduce a cross party motion condemning the proposal. Go to for more details on the motion.

On the date the scheme went live some of our members were out alerting cyclists to the new scheme.

We also carried out a series of counts before and after the scheme went live at the junction of Holloway Road and Hornsey Road. We counted cyclists and powered two wheelers in the bus lane and in the ASL.

As expected there were more motorbikes in the bus lane after the introduction. Gratifyingly there did not seem to be a decline in the numbers cycling. However we were disappointed at the number of motorbikes and other motor vehicles illegally entering the ASL. Look at our Road Danger Reduction campaigh pages for more on this.

In the meantime the campaign to monitor motorbikes in bus lanes continues. Visit for more details.