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Bikehangar consultations are out!

Islington has just put up a raft of public consultations about the 18 bikehangars they are planning to install later this summer. We’ve been waiting a LONG time for this, and the day has finally arrived!

While the council put two 6-space units up last year, these new ones are different. The new units are made by Asgard, and have a more angular look. Most importantly, these units are all going to be installed in car parking spaces. Islington has been reluctant to do this for years, so this marks a positive and very welcome change. Islington will join Lambeth, Southwark, Haringey and, of course, Hackney in providing secure, on-street cycle parking for residents.

The consultations are running through 15 July, so you only have a couple of weeks to let Islington know your thoughts on their plans. Here’s a map of the locations with links to the relevant consultation:

Are there any near where you live? Let Islington know you support it by clicking on the location and filling out the SurveyMonkey form for that bikehangar.

We’re almost there! These 108 spaces are just the beginning.

Desperate parking at Highbury Corner!

Cycle parking at Highbury Corner is in such high demand that we found 4 bikes attached to one stand. Since this photograph was taken, TfL has removed the barriers from the area, removing much informal parking.

Update 23rd May. No response from TfL or the politicians. Have just put paper rings on a load of bikes at the station with the facebook address on it.

Please comment below if you are affected so we can work out what to do. Think we’ll have to write to them individually.  (John A)

£250,000 for parking on estates

This year’s Islington Council budget provided an extra £250,000 for secure bike parking on Homes for Islington estates, thanks to the notorious ‘Progressive Budget amendment.’

It would be helpful if ICAG members in the areas concerned can give a positive response to the consultation in the new year and encourage neighbours to do so too.

The progress in delivering the housing estate secure cycle parking programme is as follows:

9 sites have been selected across the borough to introduce more secure cycle parking shelters, the locations are:

Finsbury Estate, Skinner Street – 14 cycle compound
Quaker Court, Banner Street – 12 cycle compound
Redbrick Estate, Bath Street – 12 cycle compound
Pilgrims Way, off Hazelville Road – 12 cycle compound
Brecknock Estate, Brecknock Road – 18 cycle compound
Montague Court, St. Clements Street – 12 cycle compound
Fairdene Court, Camden Road – 18 cycle compound
Jersey / Guernsey House, Clifton Road – 12 cycle compound
Branston House, Hornsey Road – 12 cycle compound

The scheme costs to date totals £199,000.

The consultation documents are now being finalised for distribution to key stakeholders and local residents from Monday 11th January 2010, and the consultation period will close on Friday 29th January 2010. The consultation analysis and recommendations will be presented to the Public Realm Service Director for approval in early February 2010. The contractors will commence installation of the approved schemes from mid / late February 2010 and complete the majority by April 2010.

This information comes from Andrew Cornwell sent in an email to our group.

If people know of other estates where there is demand for better parking facilities please let me know and I will have another go in the coming budget round.

Councillor Andrew Cornwell
Liberal Democrat member for St George’s ward
London Borough of Islington
Town Hall, Upper Street, London N1 2UD