If there is anything you’d like to raise about cycling in Islington do come along to our monthly meetings held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Town Hall at 7.30 – 9.30pm. All of ICAG’s activity is coordinated in these meetings. Jump down to minutes of previous meetings.


We don’t organise rides and we recommend the Islington Cycling Club.  This is North London’s fastest growing cycling club and is unusual as it has a high proportion of female members – so it’s not all testosterone and lycra!

The Central London CTC website lists the rides organised by groups and clubs in and out of London.


Dr Bike outside Town Hall, Upper St
Dr Bike outside Town Hall, Upper St organised and run by Islington Council

From 1 February 2017, Islington Council will be running  monthly Dr Bikes  from 4pm-7pm. They are on the first Wednesday of every month, outside Islington Town Hall on Upper Street.

As on Jan 2016, because of problems with our workspace, Cycle Islington Wednesday maintenance workshops have been postponed indefinitely. Fortunately, Hackney Bike Workshop hold multiple workshops each month.

Minutes of Previous Monthly Meetings

NB Absence of minutes doesn’t mean that the meeting didn’t take place – just that the minutes unfortunately haven’t made it online!

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Hope to put the “missing minutes” up here soon

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  • Lynda Harper

    Have just sent this complaint to TFL about the Calthorpe St/KX Rd junction – I get cut up every evening with cars turning left without indicating to do the dog’s leg up LLoyd Baker St – if you are not in the front line of cyclists, the cars cut you up. There is an advance stopping area and a few seconds on green for cyclists before the other traffic but it is not enough for the volume of cyclists. Please increase the time on the cycle only sequence.