People Friendly Streets

Keep up with consultations on our People Friendly Street schemes – coming thick and fast at the moment !  And an eighth area has been proposed – St Marys Church – due to be implemented in early 2022 and welcomed by HIghbury Fields and Highbury West, Canonbury East and West, Amwell, Clerkenwell Green and St Peters. We welcome all these as part of a range of local actions to address climate change and consider these to be so important that their continued rollout across all the borough is one of our five Asks leading up to the local elections in May 2022.  More on our five Asks here.

There are a number of dedicated groups working hard in each area to promote understanding and awareness of what’s being done and why;  an excellent starting point is the Low Traffic Islington site where you can find an excellent Q&A section in the Barnsbury and St Marys site debunking the various myths which have been created round people friendly streets.

There is an increasing amount of information about the current People Friendly Streets schemes on the council’s site.   Interim monitoring reports are available for St Peters, Canonbury East and Clerkenwell Green, all of which show positive trends in traffic reduction, cleaner air and reductions in speeding which means that people of all ages and sizes are safer on our streets. The council continues to monitor the schemes and is keen to hear of any comments or improvements residents might have; each scheme page has a link to a survey so please complete these and give your suggestions to the council for consideration.

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  1. I applied for a permit to go through the LTe about five weeks ago I am still waiting for a reply I have a disabled badge

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