Policy, Planning and Funding Documents

A list of useful reference documents in reverse chronological order:

17/10/2017 (LIP) Local Implementation Plan, Cycling and Bus priority programmes 2018-19 | 2018-19 LIP itemisation and cost pdf | 2018-19 TfL Cycle Improvement programme pdf

16/10/2017 Islington’s response to the Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy

27/07/2017 TfL Info for boroughs – Liveable Neighbourhoods | press release

xx/06/2017 TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis Identifying future cycling demand in London | Interactive Google maps with images from the SCA overlaid courtesy of Camden Cyclists

2017 TfL Info for boroughs – Local Implementation Plans includes guidance on Third LIPs

21/06/2017 Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy

20/10/2016 LIP (Local Implementation Plan) Transport Delivery Plan 2017-19 |  Description pdf |  Itemisation and cost pdf

2016 Cycling In Islington a static page on Islington Council website outlining broad infrastructure improvement plans

08/10/2015 Quick wins (map) submitted by CI to Islington Council as requested

10/07/2014 TfL Funding for Cycling Improvements (2014/15 –2015/16) pdf -includes £2m TfL funding for Central London Grid and QW2.

06/05/2014 Space for Cycling ward asks, Labour responses – with status updates from CI in 2017

17/10/2013 LIP (Local Implementation Plan) Transport Delivery Plan 2014/15 to 2016/17 | Description pdf | Itemisation and cost pdf

xx/03/2012 Islington’s Transport Strategy Local Implementation Plan 2011 to 2031 109 pages | CI response

21/10/2010 LIP (Local Implementation Plan) Transport Delivery Plan 2011-13 |  Itemisation and cost pdf with wacky formatting. Includes funding from Sustrans for Connect2.

20/04/2006 Islington’s Sustainable Transport Strategy (policies only)

By way of comparison…

02/02/2016 Tower Hamlets LIP 2015/19  scroll down to get to the itemisation and costs. It also includes funding  from TfL’s ‘Major Schemes’ budget.

2015 Hackney Transport Strategy 2015-2025 which includes separate Liveable Neighbourhoods and Cycling strategies

19/09/2014 Camden Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Annual Spending Submission 2015-16 to 17/18 | Description pdf | Itemisation and cost pdf
Note the 28 identified cycle schemes held in reserve.