No more incremental change: We want transformation

No more incremental change. No more little tweaks. No more public realm schemes masquerading as cycling ones. No more marketing instead of infrastructure. No more needless deaths on our roads.

We look at our neighbouring boroughs with envy. Islington has fallen far behind. We want segregation like Camden’s Tavistock Place.  

We want Hackney’s modal filters – so rat run traffic doesn’t cut down our residential streets, returning them to our communities.

We want children to be able to scoot, cycle and play freely on the streets like in Walthamstow village. We want clean air. We want safe routes to schools so busy parents don’t have to drive. We want 20MPH to mean something. We want the council to reclaim Islington’s neighbourhoods from parked vehicles, motor traffic congestion and pollution and to transform them into the most attractive and liveable neighbourhoods in London. This is not a dream, this is not impossible, this is not even expensive – again, the boroughs all around us are doing it better.  We want transformation.

Islington Labour, you control 47 out of the 48 seats on the council. Use that power. Listen to the broad wishes of residents and use leadership to bring residents on individual streets along with you. Don’t hide behind the voices of the few organised and resourced enough to fight for their car convenience – listen to the many suffering in silence from poor health outcomes. Use your majority to deliver change.

We want Islington to be great, to lead, not to cower behind excuses. We don’t want more deaths. We want communities that live and breathe.

Why we’ll be joining the protest outside Islington Town hall on Nov 8th.

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