Horsell Road and Fieldway Crescent Observations

Back in May 2008 we carried out a Road Danger Watch at the Horsell Road/Fieldway Crescent junction. The issue here are the number of cars doing a sharp right into the Horsell Road and into the path of oncoming cyclists trying to follow the cycle route.

This was a part of our Road Danger Watch campaign.  We observed that motorists need to moderate their speed as they make the right turn into Horsell Road. The parking bays closest to the junction also need to be removed to facilitate the turn.
In the meantime, if you do use this junction, be aware that traffic might turn across your path as you exit Horsell Road.

Update March 2009 – The Council have raised the junction with the aim of slowing vehicles. They have also removed parking spaces. Sadly, these photos show that cars still cut the corner causing a hazard for cyclists.

First car cuts across the end of Horsell Road

Second car cuts across end of Horsell Rd

Third car cuts across the end of Horsell Road

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