Road Danger Reduction Campaign

ICAG are currently running a Road Danger Reduction Campaign.  The aim is to remind motorists of their responsibilities when operating their vehicles around more vulnerable roadusers such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Cycling is generally a safe activity although like all activities it is not without risk.

We feel that this risk is made worse by the fact that irresponsible motorists, can quite literally get away with murder. We have visited numerous sites across the borough (see the links for more details) as well as carrying out a borough-wide Road Danger Watch Day on 1st April 2008.

Each time we have identified numerous incidents that have put cyclists at risk – speeding,  close overtaking, use of handheld mobile phones, and parking or driving in cycle lanes and ASLs.  Evidence of a casual disregard for the safety of others.

We are now calling upon the police in Islington to take action at some of these danger spots.  Until action is taken to ensure that motorists face full responsibility for their actions on the road we will continue to face unnecessary risk.

C Stephen Taylor
P 07977 235 735

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