ICAG calls for 20 MPH limit on all roads

20 MPH speed limit borough wide

Islington Council is currently moving ahead with measures to implement 20 mph zones on residential streets across the borough. At the moment they are consulting local residents on a number of these proposals.

Lower speed limits turn streets into living spaces not sterile stretches of tarmac. They create and re-invigorate communities. They save lives. Lower speed limits smooth traffic low and cut pollution.

ICAG strongly supports moves to reduce speed limits on the borough roads. We are pleased to see that the council are moving forward on making all residential roads 20mph limits and we would like to see this extended to all roads under their control such as Hornsey Road and Blackstock Road. We feel a borough wide 20mph zone would be less confusing to drivers and would therefore be more likely to be self-enforcing (agreed at the July 2009 meeting).

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