Success for the Day of Action NO more lethal lorries

Some ICAG members got up early to be ready to collect signatures for the LCC’s No More Lethal Lorries campaign on Wednesday March 30th.

They gathered at the ‘Goswell Road Triangle’ at 7.00am and somehow managed to collect 327 signatures – in spite of many of the cyclists being in a hurry to get to work. Tom Bogdanowicz was able to ‘run’ three boards maximising his accumulation of signatures.  In the afternoon more ICAG members turned up and collected a further 438  signatures.

Our thanks to Gerhard at LCC office for making sure we had all the material necessary and especially to all who turned up to persuade cyclists to sign up for this important campaign.

The total gathered between the six sites was around 4,000.

The wording of the petition was –

We, the undersigned, request that our local council introduces cyclist awareness training for all lorry divers working for the council, and its subcontractors, to improve safety.

Also a BIG thank you to all of those cyclists who gave a bit of their time to sign the petition.

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  1. Modified final figures are – morning shift 327, afternoon shift 438 [approx] so more like 760 than 1,000. The afternoon was probably the highest figure collected.
    We may have some more photos to come from Tom.
    Keith Macfarlane

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