Car-free day – Friday 22 September – update from Archway ZEN

To both celebrate national Car Free Day and encourage local employees in Archway to take up cycling, the Archway ZEN is planning a guided group cycle ride around Archway plus cycling advice, guidance and bike maintenance checks throughout the day on Archway Square.

The group ride will be a sociable cycle at an easy pace. It’s a chance for local workers to get out of the office, get active, chat to colleagues and try some of the cycling routes around the local area within the comfort of a larger group. This led cycle ride will provide local cyclists with a chance to experience the benefits of and get to grips with the new segregated lanes which form an integral part of the gyratory upgrade.

It is hoped that this will increase the confidence of new and seasoned cyclists in using the wide array of segregated cycle lanes and crossings in Archway town centre – placing an emphasis on the shift in travel habits from private vehicle use to active travel modes.

Bookings for the ride will be taken online before the event via the Council’s cycling website. Before and after the event there will be bike checks, Dr Bike cycle maintenance sessions and information provision about council cycling services. The event will also provide information on how the public can protect themselves from air pollution and help reduce pollution in the local area.

Provisional agenda

8:00 – 10:00: Bikers Breakfast

Breakfast (coffee and bagels) handed out to commuters cycling through/into Archway together with information on cycle training and services.

8:00 – 12:00: Dr Bike service and bike registering

Dr bike and bike checks for those wishing to join the guided cycle at lunchtime. General cycling and safety advice. Information about Archway ZEN.

12:00 – 13:00: Guided cycle around Archway (start and finish at Archway Square)

The 45-minute route will include the surrounding area and different ‘approaches’ into Archway. Easy paced, social cycle with marshals at key crossings. Approximately 40 spaces available. The ride will be planned and managed by David Shannon and his team. A snack lunch will be provided for those who take part.

13:00 – 16:00: Dr Bike service and bike registering

Services to continue for rest of afternoon.

The aims of the event:

–          To enable local workers and residents in Archway to experience cycling in the local area within the safety and comfort of a large group.

–          To encourage participants to switch some or all of their local journeys from private car/public transport to cycling.

–          To raise awareness of air pollution and its health impacts and educate the public on how they can protect themselves and make the right travel choices.

–          To raise awareness of the Archway ZEN and how local businesses and workers can help reduce air pollution in the local area.

–          To highlight the benefits of placing people first and transforming roads into clean, safe, attractive and economically vibrant places.

Benefits to Islington/Archway:

–          Opportunity for local workers and residents who might be considering cycling in Archway to try it within the safety and comfort of a larger group.

–          Free cycle maintenance and bike checks, cycle advice and guidance including information on cycle training.

–          Increased public awareness of air pollution in the local area and how people can protect themselves from air pollution and help reduce it.

Other activities that are happening away from Archway involve the Stars Car Free Day school’s events. Events will take place at:

  • William Tyndale
  • Hugh Myddelton
  • Grafton
  • New North
  • Rotherfield

As well as promoting world car free day the schools will celebrate 10 years of the STARS school travel planning programme. The Traffic and Safety team, within the Traffic and Parking service, along with TfL are leading on this aspect. Competitions and general promotions on the day will take place at the schools.

Events on the day:

  • TfL visits / presence at schools where possible (William Tyndale have been selected)
  • TfL issued banners and leaflets
  • TfL photo competition

As a follow up there will also be:

  • Travel surveys
  • Certificates
  • Prizes for schools/ pupils involved

We will also be promoting car free day with parents and pupils at Rotherfields and Drayton Park schools as we will be working with them to highlight low pollution routes around the schools as part of a separate project.

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