For new cyclists in Islington, young and old…

We realise there are many more cyclists out in our Borough at the moment.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for two short family rides. Here are some links which we hope will be useful.

Tour of Islington

This was produced by the Heritage Section of the Council some years ago. It’s a good to have a back up map, not just use the map provided. So here is a Tour of Islington, a 7 mile route visiting interesting sights in Islington.  It takes about one hour; at the moment there are no places to stop for refreshment nor are there toilets!

From London Cycling Campaign, here is lockdown information to rides and guides  and tips for people returning to cycling during the crisis.

Here are some videos for new and young cyclists.  London Cycling Campaign recommend these videos from Bikeability Scotland.

Three historic walks can be found on this page of the Council website.  We like walking as well as cycling!

Thanks to Mark Aston [Islington Council] and Tom Bogdanowicz [LCC] for providing the links.

And here are the links to our two most recent family rides – thanks to our ride leader, Steve Knatress.

Spring 2018

Spring 2019


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