What’s happening this autumn ?

We’re organising some autumn events and would love to welcome new recruits to our band of volunteers in Islington.

There are a couple of rides being planned;  the first is our fully marshalled Little Legs family bike ride  on Sunday 22 October at 1030, finishing at Gillespie Park Ecology Centre at the Apple Day celebrations where we’ll have a stand, a Dr Bike and there will be some fun activites mostly to do with apples.   The second is on Friday 3 November and will be an evening Bonfire bike ride for over 18s;  no doubt there will be a pub visit for a hot drink at some stage. Sign up now and we look forward to welcoming you to one or the other, or to both.

Previous events included Saturday 9 September when we held our second Bikers’ breakfast in Whittingdon Park.  And then we were at the Saddle and Sole festival on Sunday 24 September  1200 onwards at Highbury Fields, organised by the council.

At both events, we had our map of the borough where people highlighted issues for local cyclists;  if signage is needed, where there should be an ASL, why isn’t there a proper diversion at Kingsbury Bridge, where do you need a bike hangar ….. and we are analysing all comments to see what we can do to improve things.

Giveaways, information and friendly people on bikes were at both events and we reallly enjoyed talking to people who came by to say hello.

And don’t forget our regular monthly meeting;  second Wednesday of the month at 1900h at the Town Hall, usually in committee room 3.  Followed by local refreshments after all the talking.