Goswell Road Update

Latest photos – taken on a Monday afternoon.

The advanced stop line has been reinstated
A stop line with ‘call button’ and traffic light have been placed a very cautious distance from the kerb; this is leaving the ‘Triangle’ going towards Colebroke Row
A stop line has been painted on the private road, but the suggested route for cyclists is still on the pavement (not shown). We still wait to hear when Owen Street will be adopted by the Council. This is from Owen Street, going towards Colebroke Row.

Older photos showing the progress of works at the Goswell Road triangle as at 17 January 2010.

goswell triange 1

This shows that the highway has been raised at the crossing of Colebrooke Row and City Road.

goswell triange 1

The bollards are gone, but so is the Advanced Stop Line…This has now been reinstated.

goswell triange 1

The drivers of these cars have ignored the large Keep Clear signs on the raised section of Goswell Road. There are no Keep Clear signs on the City Road side. If these signs are used at the Madras Place/Holloway crossing it will solve no problems!

goswell triange 1

The lane for cyclists is not very wide.

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