Veloteers adopt potholes

Potholes can be a big problem for cyclists and othe road users. Recent bad weather has made our roads even worse.

Veloteers have been adopting potholes, taking photos of them, and reporting them to the council or TfL to monitor how quickly they get filled. Here are some examples:

Colebrooke Row and Windsor Terrace – status FIXED

Corner Colebrooke Row and Windsor Terrace Credit: Rob Harston

Corner Colebrooke Row and Windsor Terrace Photo: Rob Harston

[The above pothole was filled by 14 April, reported 6 April] 

Windsor Road – status FIXED

Windsor Road Credit: Stephen Taylor
Windsor Road Photo Stephen Taylor

[Update 13th March 2011: One year on – and we are still waiting for this hole to get filled. In fact, if anything it has got worse!]

[Belated update 18th February 2013: The road is now resurfaced]

Beversbrook Road – status FIXED

Beversbrook Road
Beversbrook Road – This was reported Friday April 9 as well as other holes in the road and filled by Thursday 15. 

Highbury Hill – status FIXED

Beversbrook Road
Highbury Hill Photo: Pat Tuson 

Not very pretty! Hopefully other Veloteers will be supplying more good news…

Mayton Road – status FIXED

When BBC Radio London got in touch in early 2010 to ask for an interview about potholes. We chose Mayton Road. At that time it was in a very poor state. Shortly after the interview was broadcast the road was closed and resurfaced. Not that we are suggesting there was any connection!


If you know of a pothole in Islington why not consider adopting it? There are two simple steps:

First of all let us know of its location, if possible include a photograph, so that we can add it to this page.

Secondly, report it to Islington Council

If it gets fixed, do let us know so we can update its status here

We’re looking forward to listing other road improvements on this site!