Use all locks on the Protectacycle Bike Store!

Trimetals protectacycle secondary lock

If you are using a Trimetals Protectacycle Bike Store watch out, make sure you use the main hasps! The shed is advertised as one of the safest but there have been a recent spate of thefts. In Highbury on one night, thieves broke into 4 different sheds. The lid was secured only by the handle. The handle locking point for the padlocks was just cut off which allows the thieves to lift the door.

The Protectacycle comes with two hasps on the front skirt that should be used with the padlocks supplied, to secure the bottom of the door. According to Mr Smith, Trimetals MD, these hasps are much harder to saw than the side brackets with holes, and were added to the original garden storage container when it was upgraded to make the Protectacycle. However people find it more convenient to lock the handle (which is also quite easily sawn through) to those side brackets, than to stoop and use the bottom hasps. Some people do not even fit those hasps, perhaps assuming the side handle locking is just as good. It isn’t. It was good enough for garden toys, but not for bikes!

Trimetals say they are concerned about the recent spate of thefts in London, will be contacting owners to advise them how best to use the existing security features of the Protectacycle Bike Store, especially in areas of high theft risk, and will review the specification of this product to match its security to the likely rising trend.

If the Protectacycle is sited in a high risk location, the owner should consider using a hardened chain for internal security. Since the chain is hidden until thieves get into the container and different from the cable normally supplied, it is likely that they will not have brought the even heavier tools needed to deal with it.

Trimetals will nevertheless look into supplying such a chain with a future upgrade of the Protectacycle. They will also consider revisions to the wording of the Protectacycle assembly and usage instructions, in the light of recent events.

Thanks to Chris Juden CTC Senior Technical Officer

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  1.  It is a shame that Trimetals did not key-alike the 3 substantial padlocks they supply.  

    Colour coding keys, spare keys, and padlocks, with coloured cable-ties is a help.I agree about the stooping! Three times to each padlock to open, and repeat again, to close.The front cill/sill is about 8″/200mm high, and unless your bikes are lightweight; this is another barrier for users. The two external padflocks are at about the same height hanging from the two hasps-and-staples.

    The inner holdfast/ground anchor cable’s padlock is low – it’s on the floor, behind the sill/cill. 

    Fortitude and resolution are not supplied in the kit of parts.

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