ICAG objects to Residents’ Roamer (TMO 3176 – Permits Validity in all Zones)

Dear Ms Obiekwe

Thank you for inviting us to comment on these proposals.

We believe that the majority of ICAG members do most of their weekday cycling during commuting hours and so these proposals will not directly affect them.

However many people (including Islington Council officers) use bikes during their working day. In addition those that have flexible working, students, retired people etc. use their bikes during the day, as we all can see.

ICAG has been a strong supporter of controlled parking zones as a method of constraining motor traffic since their introduction. During those ten plus years, cycling has flourished.

The residents’ roamer will increase the amount of motor traffic by an unquantified amount. If roaming results in a negligible increase in traffic levels then ICAG would have no objection to the scheme. If roaming became popular, ICAG would want the scheme withdrawing however we think it may be politically difficult to do so.

So ICAG is strongly opposed to the Residents’ Roamer. This is the first time in our shared memory that ICAG has been consulted on any scheme that sets out to increase motor traffic.

John Ackers
for Islington Cyclists Action Group (ICAG), part of London Cycling Campaign

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