Lost permeability – Marriott Rd, Huddleston Rd and Huntingdon Rd

Whilst the council was previously spending money on making some roads more accessible for cyclists, elsewhere in the borough they seem to be doing the opposite (although one of them may be temporary).


Huntingdon Road Closure viewed from across Caledonian Road
Huntingdon Road closure viewed from across Caledonian Road showing the high kerb that has been installed

Huntingdon Road (left) has been closed off with a very high kerb. Virtually the same has happened to Bridgeman Road a little further, leaving only Offord Road, to the north, providing access to Caledonian Road.

A local cyclist wrote to the councillors for this ward expressing her disappointment that the closure had happened. She received a reply from a councillor stating that he did not want to see cycling on the pavement!


Marriott Rd before it was improved by Islington Council
Marriott Rd on Feb 1st 2011 without a cycle lane on the left hand side and now impermeable to cyclists


14-Feb-2011 Council officers say “the restriction was removed to enable haulage traffic to service the construction of the New IAMS School. The restriction will be returned to its previous condition as soon as the abnormal load haulage has stopped.”


Station Road showing closed accessed to Huddleston Road
Access from Huddlestone Road (in the background) to Station Road has been closed off by a high kerb and railings

On Feb 24th 2011 a cyclist wrote to Islington Council and said:

“The route was previously very useful in avoiding the Tuffnell Park junction and the concentration of motor traffic and air pollution there, and one I regularly use; especially when carrying my daughter on the bike.”

“The ramp is fine, but it is onto a pavement so dismounting is required, and is inconvenient. Furthermore, there is no drop kurb on the station road pavement, which makes getting a child laden bike off/onto the road less than easy. I would not expect an alteration to be made simply for my convenience, however this route is shown on TfL maps as a recommended cycle route on quieter roads. Routes such as this, which allow cyclists to avoid busy and dangerous junctions strongly contribute to the take up of cycling by non cyclists, and this is, for obvious reasons, desirable, and in line with national and local government policies.”

” A slalom barrier on the ramp appeared about a week ago, and the railings the edge of station road have been extended today to join that raised bed. It’s a complete pain!”

If you have used any of these roads and now find your journey disrupted please let your local councillors now. You can find out who they are by entering your postcode here.