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Islington Council is changing its parking rules. At present, vehicle owners are obliged to pay for a permit which allows them to park only in the zone where they live. It is proposing to introduce a Residents’ Roamer, which would allow all permit holders to park their vehicles within any zone in Islington between the hours of 11am-3pm (with complex variations around the Emirates Stadium). In addition, it is proposing to allow an unlimited number of vouchers to residents, which would allow many more visitors to use and park their cars without risk of penalty.

  • These changes will encourage a significant increase in the number of car journeys made within Islington, while also encouraging visitors from beyond the borough to travel in by car.
  • The changes are completely contrary to the Council’s long standing sustainable transport and parking policies, which seek to discourage non-essential car use and to encourage the use of other modes, such as walking, cycling and the use of public transport.
  • The changes will lead to increased danger for pedestrians and cyclists, while the resulting increased congestion will hinder the movement of buses
  • In addition, pollution will get even worse than it already is, and there will be an increase in climate change emissions.
  • Residents in those parts of the borough with institutions or businesses that attract many visitors (such as the Whittington Hospital) could find their parking bays taken over by visitors from outside their zone.
  • The issue of carers and the more vulnerable needing flexible parking could be addressed with targeted vouchers.
  • While Roamer parking offers an enticing opportunity to park for free anywhere in the borough, the overall impact of the scheme is highly detrimental to the well-being of Islington residents in terms of increased congestion, pollution and road danger.

What you can do     consultation has closed

These proposals are now out to consultation until the 11th of February. We are urging everyone with an interest in this matter to respond. There is little likelihood of the Council changing the hours.

Our aim is to get the scheme scrapped in its entirety.

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