By-elections in Junction and St George’s Ward March 21

On Thursday 21st of March residents in the St George’s and Junction wards go to the polls in council by-elections. This is a great opportunity to make the cycling vote count.


Kaya Makarau-Schwartz, Labour Party, was duly elected as Councillor for Junction ward.

Kat Fletcher, Labour Party, was duly elected as Councillor for St George’s ward.

Turnout 24.2% and 25.88% respectively

We are calling on all the candidates, if they are elected, to support:

  • Increased secure cycle parking, such as the cycle hoops already installed along parts of Tufnell Park Road
  • Greater safety for cyclists on the road, for example installing advanced stop lines at the junction of Tufnell Park, Fortess, Brecknock and Junction Roads
  • A better environment for all by removing the Archway Gyratory
  • Greater health for local children by supporting the Tufnell Park Cycle to School campaign

On 9th March, at the Tufnell Park Farmers Market, before the Tour de Tufnell Park bike ride we spoke to┬áLabour, Lib Dem and Green by-election candidates for St George’s ward, asking them questions about cycling and transport. Here is what they said:

If you support our campaign and live in either of these wards, please get in touch with the candidates direct.

To find out the names for all the candidates, visit Islington council’s website

You should be able to contact them via their local parties:

Green Party:
Liberal Democrats:
Socialist Party of Great Britain:

Or if any of them come canvassing in your street



  1. Don’t forget that British National Party candidates will be standing in both Junction Ward and St George’s Ward. Both candidates believe in building more cycle lanes in Islington.

  2. I think the cycle to school campaign is a great idea specific to the wards in question, but I feel we should also be pushing for more Islington wide action. Camden now have Royal College St & Tavistock Place and Islington have… been left behind? There should at least be routes linking the North of the borough to the South (and cycling along in a car lane on Holloway Road doesn’t count!).

    For the parts of your route near Acland Burghley (and in fact generally) we should make it clear that we expect candidates to work with their colleagues in Camden to make a joined up route – as your maps demonstrates, even kids cycling to school can easily cross borough lines so this needs to be worked out together.

    1. Fred, I am working on the list at the moment. There are 2 routes that go SW to NE through the borough, can you be more explicit.

      1. Hi John – I only just saw your reply. Maybe I’m missing some existing routes, but if you live right near the North of the borough (Archway for instance) and want to get to Old Street, Farringdon or Kings Cross & back, I don’t feel there’s much of a route which joins up.

        That said I only just worked out how the cycle route from Waterloo Bridge to Royal College Street joins up, so maybe it is there and I’ve missed it?

        I think the Royal college Street example from Camden is a good example because it joins up really well for quite a distance, but is also direct and it doesn’t jump on to busy roads half way through (the ends are a different story!).

  3. Brecknock Rd is pretty scary for adult cyclists, let alone for children. It would be great to see some effective traffic calming measures along that route.

    1. Chenders, we’re updating our list. Do you mean the whole length or just by the shops? Can you expand a bit more. Why Brecknock as opposed to any other Islington street on which drivers ignore the speed limit? HOw many commuting cyclists are on it in the morning?

  4. […] for all the candidates who supported the Tour de Tufnell Park ‘Election Special’, gave interviews to ICAG, participated in the Acland Burghley Student Hustings or submitted content for this blog at a time […]

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