Nag’s Head in Photos

So that we can discuss improvements to the gyratory, we thought we should have some images – so this post may not stay up too long! These photos were taken between 5.30pm and 6.50 on Wednesday May 15, 2013

May 15 2013_nag's head_5295
2 lanes and a bus lane lead towards the junction of Camden Road and Holloway Road.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5301
A third lane is cut into the pavement for traffic turning right into Holloway Road.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5304
Two lanes and a bus lane continue into Seven Sisters Road. The road surface could do with some attention.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5309
This is a broad space leading past Nag’s Head Market – still 2 lanes and a bus lane.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5314
Additional pavement width is 1.6 m
May 15 2013_nag's head_5317
Now room for 2 lanes, a bus lane and (unused) parking bays on the right.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5322
And this continues towards the junction with Hornsey Road.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5328
There’s plenty of space on the pavement at this point.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5331
The bus lane disappears for a while, allowing traffic to filter from the left and the right hand lane is closed to allow a lane for right turning traffic.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5336
As shown above…
May 15 2013_nag's head_5343
Back to three lanes with space for a line of parking – being used!
May 15 2013_nag's head_5354
At this point there’s a vast space on the pavement…
May 15 2013_nag's head_5360
Three lanes at this controlled crossing, with traffic merging from the right.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5368
At this point, just approaching Finsbury Park Station, three lanes merge into two, with buses taking the nearside lane. It’s a place for assertive cycling!
May 15 2013_nag's head_5369
Not for the fainthearted…
May 15 2013_nag's head_5371
There are “Keep Clear” markings on the road – mostly ignored.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5384
Travelling east now, there are wide empty spaces.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5387
There is even room for a fourth lane, taking traffic leaving on the right.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5388
There is an acknowledged risk of speeding traffic so there’s a speed camera.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5395
Still 30 MPH speed limit.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5393
Three wide lanes lead towards the Sobell Centre.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5398
Here’s the “sharp turn” by the Sobell Centre – now only two lanes.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5399
And motorway style barriers protect the railings!
May 15 2013_nag's head_5401
This intrepid cyclist may have to cross two lanes of fast moving traffic if he wants to turn right at the lights ahead.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5405
Here’s the only Advanced Stop Line in the Gyratory, at the crossing with Hornsey Road
May 15 2013_nag's head_5408
And onwards towards Holloway Road, 3 lanes and space for car-parking.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5413
Four lanes now, at the controlled crossing by Hertslett Road
May 15 2013_nag's head_5420
Once across Holloway Road, one lane goes to Kings Cross and three lanes go up to Camden. Surface in need of treatment.
May 15 2013_nag's head_5422
An hour and twenty minutes after the first shot of this, there is no big build up of traffic.

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