Avoid Highbury Corner!

Cyclist using the cycle lane
Cyclist using the cycle lane

We are concerned about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians using the Highbury and Islington roundabout during the present road works; TfL have asked us to contact cyclists using this roundabout.  Our advice is to avoid the area if you can; we remain concerned that the diversion on the roundabout puts cyclists in a hazardous position as they pass motor traffic entering from Holloway Road.  We would like to see the former protected area for turning into Highbury Place  reinstated and improved.

TfL suggest ‘Southbound’ cyclists should use the Caledonian Road diversion and they say those seeking to exit the roundabout use Highbury Place should use the diversion along Corsica Street.   You are very welcome to leave comments at the bottom of this page.  As the photograph illustrates, passing the entrance from Holloway Road can be hazardous.

Night shot
Night shot

We are in discussion with TfL to try to improve the layout for walkers and cyclists.
The road works are expected to last till about August 2015 while the Post Office (which is now closed) is demolished. The layout will then revert to the previous one. Sometime later the rail bridge will be replaced. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the plans as we find out about them. This is a link to the TfL site giving the current details.

Contraflow pedestrian!
Contraflow pedestrian!

It is startling to see the risks that some pedestrians are taking at this roundabout.  Where did she come from?  Where is she going?

Meanwhile here are some clips from Cycleoptic (copyright Steve Nattrass), taken 2 February on a sunny afternoon – not rush hour, showing that the roundabout is not for the faint hearted cyclist. The one taken at night was shot on Wednesday 26 February 2015, when it was a ‘Match night’ – Arsenal playing at home.


  1. Do we know what the permanent plans are for existing the roundabout onto Highbury Place?

    Had a very close shave here yesturday as I did not know there was a diversion in place.

  2. One easy improvement would be to provide a cycle box in front of the southbound traffic at the pedestrian lights. Just before these lights two traffic lanes merge into one and many motorists there absolutely refuse to give way to anyone. Creating a forward space for cyclists would help them avoid the aggressive motorists.

  3. The Highbury Corner/Holloway Road junction has always been dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.
    The turning into Highbury Place for cyclists was horrible and moving towards Corsica Street, past
    the southern end of Holloway Road, was almost equally risky.
    I don’t think there should be a way of turning into Highbury Place while the present roadworks
    are in place — that would be even worse –if that’s possible — than the old arrangement.
    A long term solution would be to widen the southern end of Holloway Road outside the station
    and build a central reservation for pedestrians and cyclists. It would be a tragedy if the old
    junction were to be reinstated. Not that I have any faith in TfL to agree.

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