5 Asks #1: Liveable Neighbourhood bid

We ask candidates to submit a high-quality, safe Liveable Neighbourhood bid during the next four years. The bid will be based in an area with high potential for walking and cycling, will provide big wins for both, and will take major steps to prioritise people walking and cycling over private cars in the area.

The Liveable Neighbourhood programme is the updated version of the TfL Mini-Holland programme which has already delivered outstanding results in Waltham Forest. (See links at the end of this page.) Councils across London will be able to bid over the next 4 years for funding between £1m–£10m to create an area where people choose to walk and cycle, and where motor traffic is reduced. Seven boroughs have already won funding for their schemes. Although Islington bid in 2017 for the Clerkenwell Green scheme, this was not selected for funding. But there is still time! We want to make sure that our council bids for and builds the best Liveable Neighbourhood possible—one that will make streets safer and more enjoyable for pedestrians and cyclists, and that will reduce unnecessary motor vehicle use, reducing air pollution and congestion. We want our council to start thinking about how they can create healthier, cleaner, happier communities, and use the Liveable Neighbourhood funding to transform our borough. Let’s not miss this opportunity to bid for funding which could make a real difference to our crowded central London borough.

One ideal place to spend Liveable Neighbourhood funding would be Holloway Road at Nag’s Head. This could leverage plans TfL and Islington are already working on for a cycle route along the Nag’s Head gyratory. Another good option would be Angel Town Centre, where Islington is already working on a Liveable Neighbourhood bid. (Imagine a filtered, low-traffic square at the bottom end of Liverpool Road, and cycle tracks with bus stop bypasses replacing parking on Upper Street.)

We’re very pleased that funding is available and that Islington is preparing a bid. But we’re not out of the woods yet: funds could still be spent repaving streets without reducing traffic or creating #space4cycling. That’s where you come in! Contact your councillors and explain how a strong Liveable Neighbourhood bid will help your family and your ward. Make the case for a bid that ensures a greener, cleaner Islington by reducing traffic overall and adding #space4cycling on main roads.


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