The 5 Asks campaign: Join us in making a difference!

The local elections at the beginning of May 2018 are a great opportunity to shift Islington’s transport policy onto a progressive path focusing on walking, cycling and traffic reduction. It’s a once-in-four-years chance and, with the help of everyone, we want to capitalise on it.

Over the past few months, we have been discussing many ideas for inclusion in our campaign and have decided on 5 key Asks which we feel could make a real difference to people walking, cycling and simply living in the borough. The benefits of cleaner air, safer streets and quieter neighbourhoods can be enjoyed by everyone.

At local elections, most people vote for their favourite political party largely ignoring the policies and practices of the local council. But we urge voters to ignore national party policies and consider local policies.  Two adjacent Labour councils like Islington and Hackney can and do have very different transport policies, or at least they have had in the last four years. So, before voting, please consider what each party is saying on air pollution, traffic reduction, walking and cycling.  We will report back, as we did in 2014,  about which political parties will grant our election asks should they be elected.

Our Asks are for:

  1. A high quality Liveable Neighbourhood bid
  2. Protected cycle tracks on main roads
  3. Bikehangars
  4. More ‘Quick Wins’ delivered
  5. A Quietway 10 for the many

What you can do:

  • Online: sharing our Asks on social media, liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, commenting on our Asks on Twitter which we will retweet. Commenting on our Asks on our Facebook page is particularly valuable as it spreads the message wider.
  • Offline: going to your local ward meetings* with current councillors and talking to prospective councillors. Candidates are very busy now and will only talk to you if you can convince them that your vote is at risk and winnable.  Also please write to the local press** about our Asks or any other active travel issue and come on our Bike the Borough Bike ride planned for the spring.
  • Download, print off and share our 5Asks flyer

It doesn’t matter if you only have an hour a week or an hour a month – get involved and do what you can.  Talk to anyone in Cycle Islington, spread awareness of the 5 Asks and help make things better.  Don’t think that cycling in Islington will improve without a massive effort on all our parts;  recent history tells us that things will just remain the same .  It’s time we all got involved and worked together to make the much needed changes happen.

* more information about Ward meetings here:

**local press deadlines:

– Islington Tribune:, deadline: Wednesdays @ 12 noon
-Islington Gazette letters: deadline: Tuesdays @ at 12 noon


  • Anita Frizzarin

    Islington Labour cllrs are for the few who drive and not the many who don’t. So we’ll have a long wait.