Monthly meeting 12 September at 1930 Town Hall – guest PCSO speaker

We are delighted to welcome PCSO Sarah Tripp as our guest speaker at our September meeting.

Sarah will give a short presentation on the RPTC (Road Police Transport Command) and the various duties PCSOs perform. Two of her colleagues, who have worked with local councillors and residents, already play a part in the current Community Road Watch Scheme. ( RPTC  is working to try and tackle speed limits across several London Boroughs and Sarah will outline their strategy. Islington’s 20mph limit introduced in 2014 has scant evidence of enforcement – a FOI request is outstanding as at 13/8. In July 2018, Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that as part of his ‘radical safety plan’, speed limits on main roads in central and suburban London will be cut to 20mph. Sarah will explain how PCSOs will work with TfL regarding this recent decision, how it can be enforced and how cycling and walking communities can get involved.



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