Holloway Road consultation: TfL needs to hear from you!

What: TfL consultation on Holloway Road
When: Respond by 8 September 2019
Ask: Support the green man and straight pedestrian crossings, but demand that TfL keep bus lanes and stop rat-running traffic down Eden Grove
How: Visit the consultation page to read about the project, then take the “Survey

TfL has opened a consultation on changes to Holloway Road. Changes here have been discussed repeatedly for nearly a decade, and the current situation is definitely terrible for people using the Drayton Park junction on foot. TfL’s plans finally provide dedicated pedestrian crossing time on all 4 arms of the A1/Drayton Park and A1/Hornsey Rd junctions, which is a very positive step. Straight-across crossings will replace staggered ones, another win for people walking here.

These are improvements, and they deserve support. That said, the plans are flawed and will negatively impact the thousands of people who cycle on Holloway Road every day. We urge you to highlight these problems in your response:

  1. Many meters of bus lanes will be removed from Holloway Road, especially past the Shell station. This will make the A1 worse for a person cycling, and TfL don’t have a reason why removing this many lane meters is necessary.
  2. The dedicated cycle feeder lane to the ASL on the northbound A1 outside the post office has been removed to increase junction capacity. This is a step in the wrong direction, benefitting private motor vehicles by making the junction worse for those on a bike.
  3. The new signal at Liverpool Rd will drive rat-running traffic down George’s Rd and Eden Grove. This rat run is already a problem, as impatient drivers avoid the signal at Liverpool Rd/Palmer Place by speeding down this residential street. The changes could even push drivers bound for Liverpool Rd to find a signal-free way through George’s Rd/Lough Rd/Shearingham Rd, which would put them on the southern half of Quietway 10.

It’s up to TfL to find solutions to these problems, but the answers could include using a broken line on the bus lane past the petrol station and a bus filter on George’s Rd at Lough Rd. At this point, it’s important that everyone point out the problems with the plan and demand TfL address them.

Please respond today!

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