Call to increase powers of CSOs

Following our 3-year long campaign to get improvements made to the junction of Liverpool Road and Barnsbury Street, work is now finally complete.  It’s not at all what we would have liked but it’s a small start.  Part of the work behind the campaign involved working with the local councillor and our local Community Support Officers (CSOs) on some speed watches which, surprise surprise, identified that many vehicles on Liverpool Road were exceeding the limit of 20 mph.  

The CSOs’ current powers allow them to add the numberplates of the speeding vehicles, the place, the time and their speed, on a central database.  If the same vehicle is then caught committing another offence, the information can be used as part of any further action by the police.

 The CSOs were invited to talk at one of our monthly meetings in September 2018 about their work and it became clear in these discussions that they would welcome an increase in their powers, ie being allowed to issue Fixed Penalty Notices at the time of the speeding offence.

For several months, we worked with Wheels for Wellbeing, London Living Streets, 20sPlenty and the London Cycling campaign on a letter to the Mayor of London and the head of the Met Police, Cressida Dick, asking them to consider empowering the Met’s CSOs.   Letter here  :

We await the response.