Making the Lane on Old Street






People from 7 to 70 stepped into busy rush hour traffic in Old Street this afternoon.

They were joining Active Travel Now’s – Make the Lane event.  This was to draw attention to Islington Council’s delay in improving this road where cyclists outnumber motor traffic at peak times.  Plans have been ‘on the books’ since 2014 but there is nothing ‘shovel ready.’  The Evening Standard ran this story on the day.  You can read Active Travel Now’s Press Release Make the Lane on Old Street 19th March here.

Two young women, Victoria Lebrec and Sarah Doone were there.

Victoria and Sarah each lost the lower limb of one leg following collisions with motor traffic; Victoria at the junction of Clerkenwell Rd and St John Street and Sarah at the junction of Old Street and Central Street.

Councillor Russell and the local press were there too.  This is the Islington Gazette story, which ran on the front page.  The Tribune had a good article on page four.

It is exceedingly complex to redesign the route, sometimes called the London or Clerkenwell Boulevard, but should not deflect imaginative solutions.  (Recently called Old Street and Clerkenwell Road corridor by the Council) There was a statement of intent from Councillor Webbe the day before this event.  Given the will and the political leadership, this busy road could become a really pleasant route from Hackney to Central London.  High time we saw some progress; the Council are talking about completing a ‘transformation in 2021.’  We’ll be watching the progress closely.

See the video that Steve Knattress made and edited here.

And for those of you who haven’t seen these…

One more photo!


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