Celebrating People Friendly Streets

Cycle Islington, along with many other community groups such as Islington Living Streets, Islington Clean Air Parents, Fossil Free Islington, Transition Highbury and XR Islington are taking part in ‘LTN Celebrations’ in areas where the Council has rolled out People Friendly Streets (PFS).  These are fairly low-key events where the objective is to talk to passers-by to discuss their views on PFS and to find out if and where there are issues.  This feedback is then sent to the Council who have already said that they find this informal way of gathering comments very useful. Cycle Islington also have a group, led by Simon, which is  commenting on the infrastructure of  Cycle route 38 (Liverpool Road) and of each PFS scheme, and who work with the Council on improvements.

To date, there have been two celebration events;  one in St Peters in September and one in Canonbury in early December.  The Canonbury event centred round a pop-up parklet and had about 15 volunteers handing out PFS and parklet leaflets and gathering comments.  There are plans to hold future events in other wards once new schemes have had a week or so to settle down. Let us know if you would like to be involved !

Leaflets – PFS:   0855 LTN 4-Page Leaflet 20 V0.5 Single Pages

Parklets – :  Parklet leaflet v3 2020

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