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Cycle Buddies – we are short of Experienced Riders !

Good news – interest in Islington Cycle Buddies has started again in July with one or two New or Returning Riders signing up each week. However we’re short of Experienced Riders to match them with.  If you’re a confident cyclist who would like to help another rider to cycle then please sign up here.  If you have any questions email them to

Back before the November 2020  lockdown, Nicola Baird, an experienced Islington cyclist, volunteered to be a Cycle Buddy and was paired with a student from Archway.  Nicola was able to show the student a safe route from Archway, where a Dr Bike handily was offering free bike checks,  to Angel.   The student requested to be anonymous but Nicola asked her what motivated her to ask for a Buddy.

NB:  Why did you ask for a bike buddy?

Student:    I wanted to boost my confidence on the road and needed some tips from a more experienced rider. I also wanted to explore the area, so I thought a commute that goes right across Islington from north to south is a good place to start.

NB:  After the bike buddy ride did you use your bike more?

Student:    Yes. I cycled to campus almost every other day after that journey, but haven’t cycled much since the lockdown.

NB: What else did meeting a bike buddy help inspire you to do?

Student:  I’ve been studying alternative routes around London. I also picked up some mechanical knowledge.

Picture of Nicola thanks to Kimi Gill and Islington Faces

More about the Cycle Buddies scheme here


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