Cycle Buddies – resuming 6 April ! Some stories …..

Nicola Baird, an experienced Islington cyclist, volunteered to be a Cycle Buddy and was paired with a student from Archway.  Before the November lockdown, Nicola was able to show the student a safe route from Archway, where a Dr Bike handily was offering free bike checks,  to Angel.   The student requested to be anonymous but Nicola asked her what motivated her to ask for a Buddy.

NB:  Why did you ask for a bike buddy?

Student:    I wanted to boost my confidence on the road and needed some tips from a more experienced rider. I also wanted to explore the area, so I thought a commute that goes right across Islington from north to south is a good place to start.

NB:  After the bike buddy ride did you use your bike more?

Student:    Yes. I cycled to campus almost every other day after that journey, but haven’t cycled much since the lockdown.

NB: What else did meeting a bike buddy help inspire you to do?

Student:  I’ve been studying alternative routes around London. I also picked up some mechanical knowledge.

Picture of Nicola thanks to Kimi Gill and Islington Faces

More about the Cycle Buddies scheme here