Unite Highbury Fields – consultation closes 7 February ! Please act now !

Since October 2014 and while work was being done on Highbury Roundabout (now no longer a round about!), Highbury Cresent was closed so that contractors could use the space for a construction work compoun!d.  This is no longer needed and the Council has introduced an Experimental Traffic Order to keep the road closed to motorised traffic to allow a period of consultation before a decision is made on whether to permanently close the road and join the two sections of park. The road is currently closed off with planter boxes at each end which only allow pedestrians and cyclists to pass through.

While we would like it to be at the heart of plans for a wider low traffic neighbourhood in Highbury, we fully support the continuing use of Highbury Cresent  for cyclists and pedestrians and to prevent it reverting to a noisy and polluting ratrun for motoristed traffic.

The consultation closes on 7 February so please add your comments here  https://www.islington.gov.uk/consultations/2019/consultation-on-the-proposed-highbury-crescent-road-closure.

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