Madras Place much better but…

We understand that it will be a while before this scheme is finally “signed off” by TfL.  There are some details that involve the TfL signals section and this will take some time.  Meanwhile we can be grateful for the new lights, particularly when they are at red.  Although traffic will habitually ignore the Keep Clear signs on the road, we can hope that that they will be inching along rather than accelerating.

A few photos…

Shows an 'ideal' situation - the Keep Clears are empty and cylists can make a safe crossing








An ‘ideal’ situation – the Keep Clears are indeed clear and it’s safe for a cyclist to cross Holloway Road.








Although the cyclist has left the pavement a little early, it’s safe to cross.









A cyclist would have to squeeze through to cross  – you hope the driver of the dark car would see a cyclist – or the cyclist would cross behind the dark  car – with care!








It is dusk – the green path across the road is not visible!

Madras Place Safer crossing – campaign success!


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  1. The scheme is finished and looks safe. This morning as I was cycling across from fieldway crescent on a green light a car came straight at me heading south on Holloway Rd and ignoring the red liglht.  I just managed to stop in time as it clipped my front wheel. The car driver didn’t make any effort to slow down, but stopped briefly at the pedetrian crossing beyond the cycle crossing. I can only assume he was confused by the lights.

    In future I will cross at Ronald’s Rd and not use the crossing as I think this is safer, you only cross when you see a gap. To cross on the crossing  you are trusting drivers will stop at the lights, which evidently they won’t. The crossing gives a false sense of safety , which is dangerous.

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