Bike Week 2012

We started off at the N1 Centre again this year.  We were pleased to have 3 Bike Doctors who were kept busy most of the day!

It was probably the first time we’ve been asked where the nearest “Boris” bike could be found!

On Sunday was the little Green Ride led by John Silvertown who stepped in at the last moment. The trains were seriously disrupted and the group cycled from Finsbury Park out to St. Albans, but it’s unclear where this photo was taken!

The Little Green Ride went to Hertfordshire!


On the Tuesday we were, as always, at the “Goswell Triangle;”  this time morning and evening.

You couldn’t move for cyclists!


Cycle Systems were our Bike Doctors

And the council provided more…



Local police provided micro-chip “tagging”
What a breakfast!

The LCC branding was prominent!

But it was an ICAG event!


But some passed by…

Suzy Kenyon is trying to sign up a new member

Jono, Chris and Jess Kenyon – couldn’t do it without all of you!

Bridget finds a few more crumbs for John


In the evening we were busy again!


Chris is exchanging a water bottle for an email address that will deliver the LCC e-newsletter to her.


Samosas, water bottles, juice and information!


This cyclist didn’t stop for a samosa!


Jule shows off the back of her new T shirt


There’s a little more space between the bikes in the evening!


On Wednesday, we moved on to Drayton Park to do a survey on the controversial recently finished width restriction. About 180 cyclists, walkers and motorists stopped to take part.
Gathering opinions…


Jono points out some details…


and John collects the views of another cyclist.
Finally, on Sunday 24 June,Chris Ashby led a ride – Food, glorious food! –  which finished at Chapel Street market, where we were having a Doctor Bike and Information Stall.
The food, glorious food ride admires a garden
Chris’s ride arrives – a little damp!
Our bike Doctors were Adrian Williams and Stephen Taylor
Our stall attracted plenty of attention

A fantastic Bike Week – well done everyone concerned!

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