Thanks to everyone who turned up for the feeder ride and made it so good. Special thanks go to Nick for the route and Sergeant Kendall and his team from Islington Safer Transport Team – we haven’t had a police escort van before!  Congratulations to Suzy for a fine speech and Jono for winning the ‘Evans’ Prize.  Photos still on their way…


Support Space for Cycling

Amazing!   124 of 177 Islington candidates have supported Space for Cycling. We’re second borough at 70.6% on May 21. 240 of 242 Hackney candidates signed up – giving them the top percentage of 99.17%.  All impressive. 112 of 225 Camden candidates committed to  Space for Cycling, giving that borough a score of 49.78%.

Since the launch, over 82,256 emails have been sent from all over London – by 18.30 on the eve of the polls. Look at the LCC site to see the number updating.

Once the elections are over, we may move into another phase.  We could find ourselves writing to the ward councillors to honour their promises…

Whittington Park

At the LCC office, volunteers are working hard to keep the website up-to-date.  You may have to adjust the view on your computer (Zoom out) to see the pages properly. On the page for each ward, is the “ask” and it also displays the percentage of candidates who are supporting the “ask.”

Support Space for Cycling