What’s on your wishlist for Santa this Christmas ?

We like to have some ideas for what we call ‘quick wins’  so that if the council officers identify any spare small amounts of money (rare, but it can happen) we can propose some easy, quick to implement and value for money things to improve cycling in the borough.

A quick win needs to be cheap – examples dropped kerb, signposting,  feeders into ASLs that are too short or non-mandatory – and able to be implemented without expensive consultations or long-term planning.  Things such as potholes aren’t quick wins – just log them on FixMyStreet – but poor road surfaces are.  We have some quick wins on our list already but would like to know what would be on your list for Santa this Christmas.  Have a think abour your cycle routes;  what small things would make them better ?  How could they be improved by easy interventions ?

Just email us at islington@lcc.org.uk and we’ll review your proposals to see if they are suitable to be put on the list.  We will provide feedback on progress and if your quick win ends up being implemented by the council.  Which would be a win-win for everyone and proof that Santa does deliver sometimes !

Help us get our quick win list updated and oven-ready to be proposed to the council when they say they have some money to spend.

Thanks to Marta Wave for her beautiful photo