Last meeting of 2023 – 13 December at the Town Hall

It’s our last meeting of the year and so it’s going to be special.

We will have a short EGM to approve a small change in our constitution and then a short discussion of any pressing topics. We then move on to a special talk by one of our members, Diana Lockwood, on her summer cycling holiday.

Diana will talk about mountain biking – in Mongolia ! She loved the huge open steppe, and seeing nomad life, and the horse based culture. She enjoyed the summer festival Naadam, a 2 day sports event with wrestling, archery and horseracing, the latter being done by teenage jockeys. There is a rich cultural life with beautiful embroideries of Buddhist illustrations and modern art. The country has both Chinese and Russian influences and they are proud of Genghis Khan who conquered much of central Asia in the 15th century. And, Diana brought back a beautiful cashmere hat !

Come and hear about her experience, ask questions and enjoy a mince pie or two, followed by the usual visit to the pub over the road.