Tufnell Park Cycles to School

By creating a signed and safe route to school for children in Tufnell Park, we aim to integrate active travel into children’s daily routine. We aim to increase levels of children cycling and to reduce levels of childhood obesity.

Quick Wins (2012)

Here is a list of the Quick Wins and longer term schemes that we submitted to Councillor James Murray after he came to our October 2012 meeting.  They are not in any order and are unedited!

Madras Place Safer crossing – campaign success!

Dangers still exist for pedestrians and cyclists wishing to cross Holloway Road; by the end of the month, the present road works at Madras Place and Fieldway Crescent will be, we hope, an unalloyed success story for local campaigners working with Islington council officers and Transport for London (TfL).