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Join us for Cycle Islington’s AGM on Wed 14th June

This year we pleased to welcome Laura Perry from  the local Zero Emissions Network (see as our speaker.

The City Fringe ZEN is a joint initiative between the London boroughs of Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets designed to improve air quality and business efficiency within the ‘ZEN’ target area. In Islington this is the area covered by Bunhill Ward and its borders with Clerkenwell and The Angel.  ZEN members are local businesses working together to make the area a better place to visit, work and do business, by improving local air quality, supporting active travel whilst reducing; energy and transport costs.

The meeting will be at the Town Hall, Upper Street N1 2UD, starting at 7.30pm with the co-ordinator and treasurer’s reports and elections of officers.  Laura will join us at 8.30pm, refreshments will be served and the meeting will end at 9.30pm.

For more information please contact Alison Dines

Spring Cycle on April 8th

We managed to choose a lovely sunny afternoon for our bike ride and 63 people of all ages and a dog took part in the ride.  Simon,  our official route-master, had lots of support from Gwen who provided continual vocal comments and leadership.  We met our neighbours from Camden, Hackney and Harringey along the way and well done to the children who managed to cycle the whole route.

The crowd gathers with cargo bikes, tandems, small bikes and hybrids …


Gwen (with Graham) led from the front at all times !

Spring has truly sprung, and Cycle Islington is taking advantage with a ride to celebrate putting winter behind us. Join us on April 8th at the war memorial in Highbury Fields. At 2:00 we’ll set off to take a tour of some of the new, world class cycle infrastructure in London, including the Embankment cycle superhighway.

You’re welcome to print out the flyer below and post it at your office or hand one to your neighbour.

Please register whether you can make it on our Facebook event page. Can you help marshal the ride? Please get in touch and let us know!

Upper Holloway Update

upper-holl-updateThis is the Northbound view on day one of the closure of Holloway Road to allow the work on the railway bridge to continue.

On 13 October, a letter to local residents said, “Cyclist access will be maintained during the road closures although they will  be requested to dismount in the shared space with pedestrians inside the closure.”  By 22 October, there was a change in plan…

holl-diversion-one The diversion is quite long (approx 1 mile), taking a cyclist along Fairbridge Road to the Sussex Way bridge and back along Hatchard Road and Marlborough Road.  Others will find no space for cycling and join the pedestrians…

holl-iccBut there will always be a rebel!


Traffic is being diverted along Junction Road then  Tufnell Park Road or Brecknock Road. It is expected that other surrounding roads will be busier than usual as drivers try to find other routes.

The planned Holloway Road closures at Upper Holloway Station are as follows:

Closed to all vehicles, in both directions

22.00 Friday 21 October until 5.00 Monday 31 October

22.00 Friday 18 November until 5.00 Monday 21 November

22.00 Friday 25 November until 5.00 Monday 28 November

24 December 2016 to 16 January 2017

But the Northbound carriageway will reopen

5.00 Monday 31 October until 22.00 Saturday 24 December, when it will close again.




Michael Liebreich at ICAG’S Annual General Meeting on 10th June 2015

‘Very pro active travel’ TfL board member Michael Liebreich will talk on ‘Thoughts on the future of cities and mobility’ and cover the trends he sees in transportation, particularly in cities and changes in the use of cars of all types, delivery traffic and active transport as well as some of the background patterns of urbanisation, air quality and obesity. He will be speaking in a personal capacity and is not and cannot represent TfL.

Michael Liebreich is Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the world’s leading provider of information on clean energy to investors, policy-makers and corporations. He is also a Board Member of TfL, Chairman of St Mark’s Hospital Foundation and a former Olympic skier.

Michael Liebreich official biography
Michael Liebreich on twitter
Michael Liebreich Wikipedia

7.30pm AGM
8.15pm Drinks and edibles.
8.30pm Michael Liebreich

Wednesday 10th June 7.30pm at Islington Town Hall, Upper Street, London N1 2UD [gmap]

Air Pollution Map

As London experiences another bout of High Air Pollution, it is worth pointing out that Particulate Matter and NO2 pollution varies greatly depending on traffic volumes.

In November 2014, ICAG partnered with Healthy Air, an initiative by Client Earth, the organisation who has won a ruling at the European Court against the British Government for failing to implement policies to lower illegal levels of air pollution.

Our goal was to measure NO2 pollution in South Islington.

Here are the results and our Executive Summary:

ICAG - Air Pollution results table
ICAG - Air Pollution results map

Executive summary

  • The Islington Cyclists Action Group and Healthy Air have partnered in an initiative to measure air quality in South Islington.
  • The area chosen has been earmarked by the Council to improve conditions for people who wish to travel by bicycle.
  • The Council has received £2,000,000 from Transport for London to provide safe cycling infrastructure on three important routes in the area:
    • An East-West route from Mount Pleasant to De Beauvoir Town, named Quietway 38
    • An East-West route along Old Street and Clerkenwell Road, which represents the busiest cycling route in the Central London Cycling Grid
    • A short North-South stretch, which requires amelioration of a crossing of the arterial City Road
  • The Council aims to spend the money installing safe infrastructure without any alterations to motor traffic flows
  • ICAG maintains that filtering motoring traffic at key places is a very inexpensive way to reach two important goals:
    • Increase the level of actual and perceived safety of cycling
    • Improve air quality to the benefit of all users of the relevant roads: people on foot, on bikes, on buses and people working in shops and offices facing these roads
  • Islington Council has published its Air Quality Strategy 2014-17  which shows (page 20) that
    • Old Street breaches safe levels of NO2 by 70%
    • There has been no improvement in the past three years
  • Islington Council has a duty to implement measures as soon as possible, to bring air quality to safe levels.
  • ICAG’s opinion is that some of the best cycling routes (determined by desire lines) are marred by rat running by motor traffic. This has detrimental effects not just on the safety of people on bikes but especially on the health and safety of everyone who lives or walks on these streets.
  • ICAG has therefore taken samples on a number of roads, to contrast the air quality on rat runs  with truly calm residential streets. The results have confirmed ICAG’s concerns: namely:
    • Clerkenwell Road and Old Street, the main East West corridor, used by thousands of daily commuters on bike registers pollution levels which are 50% higher than the EU safe levels (40ug/m3 of nitrogen dioxide). The European Court of Justice has ruled in November 2014, that the UK Government has to take measure as soon as possible to bring air pollution below the annual limit
    • The residential rat-runs, some of which have been designated as Cycling Quietways, also experience pollution above the legal limits
    • Only areas which have been filtered to prevent through traffic have safe air quality
  • In other words, in April 2013, the Mayor has presented a Cycling Vision, with the admirable aim of making cycling appealing to all Londoners. However, many of the routes chosen (following established desire lines) for the Central London Cycling Grid experience unhealthy levels of air pollution.
  • It is therefore critical, morally unavoidable and mandated by law that Transport for London and Islington Council take appropriate motor traffic reduction measures to ensure that Londoners can engage in active travel without impairment to their health.

Cycle Safari held on Sunday 26 April

Start of the Safari Ride 2015
Start of the Safari Ride 2015

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and all those that helped organise and marshal, our Cycle Safari on 26th April.

It showed how relaxed, enjoyable, and sociable cycling can be. Many people, including young children, want to cycle more, but don’t always feel it is safe to. So along the ride we showed best practice examples of ways of improving streets for cycling in the area, and all were bewildered that the council aren’t currently proposing what works. There was a huge amount of support for our more ambitious proposals for Transport for London funded cycle routes.





Anyone aged 8 to 80 can join us for on a slow ride discovering the best and more “unloved spots” for cycling in Islington.

Transport for London is giving millions of pounds to Islington Council to improve cycling in the borough, We’ve seen the designs for the first routes and they’re not really good enough; not safe enough, particularly for families.

The Cycle Safari is a fun way to remind Islington Council to do more and be more ambitious with what they can achieve with the money.

Also, dressing up is recommended!

The ride will begin from Freightliners Farm, in Sheringham Road, Holloway, at 10am on Sunday April 26, with various stops along the route ending back at the farm for food, free bike maintenance from Dr Bike and live music from Pedal Folk.

The route:



We look forward to seeing you there.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family on facebook 

Stay tuned for updates on the campaigns we’ll be discussing.

Any questions, tweet @islingtoncycle or email alison.dines(at)

For more info about the farm, click here


Take action: Please tell TFL to maximise measures in Mildmay

KHWG Village
Coming soon to Mildmay? With your help King Henry’s Walk really could be like this. A big thanks to Vinita Dhume from Levitt Bernstein for providing this image.

The issue:

Transport for London latest “Cycle Superhighway” is planned to run along quiet back streets in parallel to the west of Kingsland High St between the City and Tottenham.

The proposals touch the edge of Islington, crossing Balls Pond Rd, up Kingsbury Rd, along St. Jude St and up Boleyn Rd before turning into Wordsworth Rd.


The small problem is, they are not quiet enough: Boleyn Rd and Crossway (becoming King Henry’s Walk) carry huge numbers of cars and lorries making them very unpleasant to cycle on.  And to be fair to Cycling Commissioner, Andrew Gilligan,  he recognizes there is scope to improve this stretch.

So what’s the solution?

To get space for cycling, we need to separate people on bikes from through motor traffic. We need to filter the busy streets to get the rat running vehicles away from residential streets and onto main roads, such as Balls Pond Rd and the A10.


Please write to  and tell them that their plans aren’t nearly safe enough. They need to reduce rat running on Boleyn Road, Mildmay Road, St Jude St, and King Henry’s Walk by installing trees or bollards. They also need to create a fully pedestrianised plaza on King Henry’s Walk. We would also really encourage TfL to enhance the public realm with more bike parking, seating, and urban greening to maximise the benefits of this cycling scheme for all Mildmay residents, not just long distance commuters.

(see featured picture by local design firm Levitt Bernstein of what it could look like).

If you would like to respond to the full consultation, please click here.

Filter map.Milldmay
4 bollards or trees planted in the road at the green stars is all it takes. There would need to be some flexibility to ensure buses can easily get through Boleyn Rd, and local buses elsewhere. Local traffic could access every building, but not drive through.

These 4 simple things will make Mildmay a calm, safe haven for walking and cycling.

Purple: Through traffic Blue: Bus route Green: Safe routes for walking and cycling
Purple: Through traffic
Blue: Bus route
Green: Safe routes for walking and cycling

What is more, at a stroke, Islington Council and TfL could dramatically reduce pollution in this area and bring it down to safe levels.

Mildmay Pollution
A current map of pollution. The excessive rat running along Crossway and King Henry’s Walk creates an obvious red/yellow diagonal line. Green is “legal”. Where it is yellow or red, Islington council have a legal obligation to take action..

The scheme was presented to the local community at a Mildmay Ward Partnership meeting last week. The overwhelming view of the room was incredibly positive. The only comments were that there needed to be even more seating all around Mildmay and how important secure bike parking is. We totally agree!

A slightly more detailed presentation can be viewed here.

We would love to hear your thoughts, either to address concerns or get ideas for further improvements we should be asking for in Islington. Please email tom(at)




Before and after. Which would you prefer?

KHWG Village