Sustrans sprinkle some magic on Drayton Park

Here’s Islington Council’s proposed second design for the Drayton Park width restriction. The original design wasn’t very popular and was thought to make the road less safe. This time around, Islington Council worked very closely with Sustrans.

Islington Council's revised design for width restriction on Drayton Park - June 2012
Cyclists now have continuous 2m wide advisory cycle lanes on the outside of the width restriction.
09-Jul-2012 Update from Paul Taylor at Islington Council about wider vehicles:

The motor vehicles permitted to use the bypass lanes will include:-

(a) anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform;

(b) in respect to a local bus service, a school bus, a coach, a vehicle being used in the service of a local authority for the collection of refuse, demolition or excavation, improvement or reconstruction of the highway, maintenance or building operation; or

(c) any vehicle being used for ambulance, fire brigade or police purposes in an emergency.

(d) those vehicles provided dispensation for access to Network Rail site from the A1 (holloway road).

Others may be provided with special dispensation on request.

I am unable to give accurate numbers for volume of these vehicles however I would estimate it to be normally less than 5 a day. However it should be noted on the occasion Drayton Park is being used as a diversionary route, it is likely all vehicles will be using the bypass lane.

For earlier information about the width restriction

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