92% of people surveyed felt Drayton Park less safe

Press Release on behalf of Islington Cyclists Action Group and Islington Living Streets

21st June 2012  For immediate use

Jono points out some details...

People walking and cycling along Drayton Park were surveyed on Wednesday morning (20th June) by Cyclist and Pedestrian campaigners to find out what local residents make of the controversial new width restriction road layout on Drayton Park at the junction with Whistler St.

Cyclists stopping to help with our survey

178 people took part in the roadside survey.  Of those surveyed, 164 people ( 92%) felt the newly installed width restriction makes the road much less safe.  7 respondents(4%) said it was safer & 7 respondents (4%) felt it made no difference.

Of the 178 people who took part, 53 (30%) described themselves as drivers (as well as being pedestrians and/or cyclists).

The width restriction is unpopular because it forces drivers to swerve left and slow down to a crawling pace, before accelerating off while swerving to the right into the main traffic lane again.  These sideways movements by vehicles both on entry and exit from the restriction are unpredictable, risk pinching cyclists and make it hard for people to cross the road from Whistler St to the station.  We would prefer a solution that keeps vehicle movements to the centre of this exceptionally wide road, allocating more space for walking and cycling.  As the route is part of a Sustrans Connect 2 route connecting Finsbury Park with Highbury Fields, it is critical that the scheme is re-designed.

Jono Kenyon of Islington Cyclists’ Action Group who designed the survey said “Traffic is significant in Drayton Park in rush hour, with pedestrians, cyclists and drivers competing for space.  This morning we witnessed several lorries perform “u”- turns, adding significantly to the risks faced by people walking and cycling.  We also heard countless stories of scary near-misses.  This unpopular design must be amended.”

Chaos caused by truck making a U-turn

Caroline Russell of Islington Living Streets “People who walk, cycle and drive were unanimous in their dislike for the new road layout.  That so many paused on their journey to work to complete the survey is testimony to the strength of local feeling on this. Islington Cyclists and Living Streets met with the Council to explain our concerns shortly after the scheme was put in place.  The Council have committed to re-visit the plans, we hope they will listen to these residents and change the design.”

Caroline Russell canvasses a pedestrian.

Drayton Park is part of the Sustrans Connect2 route from Highbury Fields to Finsbury Park which aims to transform the experience of pedestrians and cyclists.

Jono Kenyon of Islington Cyclists’ Action Group also said ‘We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with Sustrans who have lots of expertise and we hope that the council will follow their lead and deliver tangible benefits to pedestrians and cyclists using the £600,000 from the national lottery”.


Caroline Russell, Living Streets   07876260491
Jono Kenyon, ICAG                    07976689979
John Ackers, ICAG (fallback)         02076907263


1. Glen Tweedie of Premier Plumbing (020 7226 2188) at shopping parade by the width restriction is happy to talk to the press.  He sees large lorries doing u turns on a regular basis and all his delivery lorries now come via Aubert Park and Highbury Hill increasing lorry movements in residential roads which undermines the objective of the lorry ban. His comments on ICAG website.

2. Raw and analysed survey results in google spreadsheet

3. Two shots to show what the layout looks like.

The width restriction; going away from Drayton Park station
Looking towards the station

For more information about the width restriction

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